Telesense Products 

Since 2016 Telesense has worked with commodity handlers and farmers to develop a range of innovative products suitable for use at any site where bulk commodities are stored. Our products are continuously tested in the field to ensure they are robust yet easy to install and manage.

A range of sensor types are available to suit varied site conditions with all connecting through to central easy to use software. 

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Telesense provide 3 main sensor types

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Cellular Spears

CellularSpears make it easy to monitor commodities which were previously a challenge to monitor. Just insert these outdoor-ready spears into your commodity and start collecting temperature, moisture, and location data from anywhere with a cellular data signal. Available in different sizes (1m-2m), and equipped with a 2-year rechargeable battery, these spears will help you rest easy as you monitor your commodities from afar.

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Gateway Spears

The original Sensorspear. Gateway SensorSpears are a non-cellular alternative if you don't have suitable access to 3G or 4G networks. All sensors wirelessly connect with a LoRa Gateway that connects to the internet and Telesense's software patform.

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Ideal for piles, bunkers or inside silo's sensor balls are an incredibly versatile device for farm or major site. Available in wireless or with a long external antenna to transmit data from area's of storage with a poor signal. SensorBalls are great for use in bunkers or other area's where they may need to remain undercover without piercing a membrane. 


The TeleSense App is the engine that makes TeleSense the most powerful grain monitoring solution available. With one glance, the conditions across your entire commodity storage network are visible. If there are issues, you can quickly identify the cause and take action. Grain monitoring has never been easier.

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  • Access to storage data 24/7

  •  Available on computers and smartphones

  •  Integrated machine learning and data analytics