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TeleSense provides industrial IoT monitoring solutions for post-harvest commodity storage and transport. We help manage risks in the world’s perishable commodities supply chain by using machine learning algorithms. Whether assets are stationary or moving, TeleSense uses cloud-based technology to simplify grain monitoring. Our solutions help eliminate human error, improve operational efficiency, and increase profitability.

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The inspiration for TeleSense was the identification that only a fraction of almost 500,000 grain storage locations worldwide have some instrumentation deployed to gather data to reduce risk of grain damage due to moisture, humidity or temperature build-up. This lack of grain monitoring data is the cause of $millions of losses for farmers, bulk handlers, traders and grain users every year.  As a technology company seeking to solve this problem, Telesense is focussed on bringing advancements in AI, Machine Learning and continuous improvements based on field learnings to our product- offering. 


TeleSense is based in Sunnyvale California with significant field operations across the USA, Canada and Europe. We are proud to be trusted by some of the largest names in grain and commodity management including Cargill, Bunge, ADM and CHS as well as a rapidly growing number of farmers and smaller site network operators. Our proven product range is currently in use by over 500 customers across a diverse range of products including grain, hay, corn and potatoes in storages ranging from silo and bunker to barge, train and ships. For more information on Telesense Inc and our global operations please visit


We are backed by a number of significant investors including Maersk Growth, the venture capital arm of the Danish logistics and transportation giant, who made its first agtech investment in TeleSense. Other major investors include Trailhead Capital, the investment arm of McDonald Pelz, the ag commodities broker, Finistere Ventures, Rabobank’s Food & Agri Innovation Fund, Congruent Ventures, Radicle Growth, and previous investor Plug & Play Ventures.

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TeleSense Australia

TeleSense Australia was formed in 2019 to provide farmers, bulk handlers and other supply chain participants access to the unique and market leading TeleSense technology portfolio. After decades as an executive across strategy and innovation for industry majors including Landmark and GrainCorp, Marcus Kennedy, now TeleSense Australia Executive Chairman, identified a perfect match for the unique challenges faced by our grain handlers and farmers and joined to lead the company's growth. Marcus is joined by Jock Ferguson, formerly of Bayer Crop Science and Elders as National Sales Manager, TeleSense Australia.The growing Australian team is supported by an expanding network of regional technical and operational partners to ensure that our customers installation and support needs are met. 

TeleSense products are currently in use monitoring grain across Australia and in a range of storages with customers ranging from major grain handlers (GrainCorp, Emerald Grain and Lawsons Grain) and increasingly in regional bulk handling and on-farm storages. With the growth of on-farm storage and a significant harvest underway for 2020/21 TeleSense Australia is gearing up to support wider adoption of remote grain monitoring and introduction of new innovations including AI led predictive capability to further protect your stored grain.  

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National Sales Manager 
Jock Ferguson
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Executive Chairman 
Marcus Kennedy
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